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Affiliate Number and Name: #04-170 ISM - Southeast Michigan
City/State: St. Clair Shores, MI
Phone: (313) 881-0800 Fax: (313) 881-4952
First Year Dues: $290 with meals. This includes a one-time
$20.00 administrative fee plus any applicable initiation fees. Meals are included with the dates.
Meeting Scheduled: Generally, the 3rd Thursday of the month. See our Event Calendar for details.
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Rate Below include a one time first year $20.00 administrative charge.
Renewal rates are lower. For special rates for associate membership or full time students,
contact the Business Office at (313) 881-0800.
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ISM - Southeast Michigan is an affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). ISM has approximately 180 affiliated associations across the United States. Regular members of ISM - Southeast Michigan are also members of ISM, and as such are entitled to the full benefits of belonging to both associations. 3-4 weeks after your application is approved you will receive a membership card from ISM, with your membership number.

For more information or to request an application contact our Business Office at: 313-881-0800 or FAX to 313-881-4952. Or you can contact us via email at:


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special announcement

Congratulations to our newly elected and appointed Board of Directors!

President: David Rodriguez
Vice President: Lori Sisk
Treasurer: Colleen Lang
and Directors:
Kristen Bennett
Pam Smith
Michele Thompson
Joel Weina
Bob White

and thanks to
Melissa Countryman our Immediate Past President

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