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  • March 19, 2015
  • ISM-SEM Member Meeting: How and Why to Procure on Total Cost of Ownership
  • Location: Location Park Place, 23400 Park Street, Dearborn, MI 48124
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  • April 16, 2015
  • ISM-SEM Member Meeting: Lean Culture
  • Location: ITC Holdings Corp, 27175 Energy Way / Novi, MI 48377
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  • May 21, 2015
  • ISM-SEM Member Meeting: Steve Ebben - Forgotten Harvest (tour included)
  • Location: Forgotten Harvest, 21800 Greenfield Road, Oak Park, MI 48237
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  • September 17, 2015
  • ISM-SEM Member Meeting: Topic to be Announced
  • Location: Location to be Announced
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  • October 15, 2015
  • ISM-SEM Member Meeting: Topic to be Announced
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ISM-SEM Member Meeting: Michigan Multimodal Hub GLITTH initiative
Date: May 16, 2013
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Location:  Marriott Detroit Livonia 

May 2013 
5:30 - 6:00 PM
Networking and Registration

May 2013 Dinner
6:15 - 6:45

May 2013 Keynote Event  
6:45 - 7:45 PM
Michigan Multimodal Hub GLITTH initiative
Dr. David Closs & Dr. AnnMarie Schneider: MSU Supply Chain and Public Policy Heads 

Great Lakes and International Trade and Transport Hub (GLITTH) Initiative 
The GLITTH Initiative is a joint effort between the Midwest U.S. and Canada to leverage assets of the shared region and capitalize on the connectivity between them. These assets include the Great Lakes, supply chain infrastructure, world class universities, land and agricultural resources, and industry strengths such as advanced manufacturing. At the core of this effort is multifaceted network that is motivated to see this regional partnership refine these assets to become an economic force in today’s global economy. Members of the GLITTH network share information and connect resources to advance regional business investment, job creation, environmental sustainability, and economic vitality. The GLITTH Initiative is focused on seven work strands: Business and Industry Collaboration; Asset and Infrastructure Integration; Workforce, Talent, and Education Alignment; Policy Transformation; Marketing and Public Education, Capital Access, and Organization.

Dr. David J. Closs is the John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. Dr. Closs completed his MBA and Ph.D. at Michigan State in 1978 focusing on the topics of marketing, logistics and management science.

Dr. Closs has been extensively involved in the development and application of computer models and information systems for logistics operations and planning. The computer models have included applications for location analysis, inventory management, forecasting and routing. The information systems development focuses on inventory management, forecasting and transportation applications. His experience has focused on the logistics related issues in the consumer products, medical and pharmaceutical products and parts industries. Dr. Closs actively participates in logistics executive development seminars and has presented sessions in North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Eastern Europe. Dr. Closs’s primary research interests include supply chain strategy, information systems, security. and planning techniques. He was one of the principle researchers in two studies completed by Michigan State University investigating world-class logistics and supply chain capabilities.

Dr. Closs has authored and co-authored numerous articles and made presentations regarding world-class logistics and supply chain capabilities and logistics information systems applications.

Dr. Closs is an active member in the Council of Logistics Management and was Editor of the Journal of Business Logistics. He is Executive Editor of Logistics Quarterly.

Ms. AnnMarie Schneider is Program Planning and Policy Education Director at Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research. She also directs MSU’s Canadian Studies Center in International Programs. Her lead responsibility is to connect and engage research, policy and business leaders in dialog on pressing problems and related, possible solutions. Schneider earned her Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Communication at St. Robert Bellarmine University, and her Master’s degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Louisville.

AnnMarie’s expertise in strategic planning, government relations, and program development is evidenced by keystone programs for which she has been instrumental in their startup and continued success. The Michigan Political Leadership Program enrolls citizens who are planning to run for a state-level office in a ten-week course addressing effective governance, policy in practice, and citizen engagement. Michigan’s Legislative Leadership Program is a policy orientation for new legislators transitioning from candidate to policymaker.

Quarterly, the State of the State Survey gauges public opinion on policy topics and consumer confidence. A yearly forum series informs the policy community of current debate and key research findings on major issues at the State level. Also, within AnnMarie’s immediate responsibility is the Michigan Applied Public Policy Research Grants which designates funds for policy-related research.

As director of the Canadian Studies Center, AnnMarie’s charge is to generate interest and engagement in Canada’s role in the world among academic, business and policy communities. She is recognized by Midwest State and Provincial policy and business leaders for advancing discussion related to trade and transportation between the U.S. and Canada. The discussion has inspired a multi-sector, cross-border chartered organization focused on linking assets for economic growth, the Great Lakes International Trade and Transport Hub (GLITTH) Initiative. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has adopted the GLITTH strategy as a key business development.

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Location:  Marriott Detroit Livonia
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