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Changing Your Affiliate Name to the ISM—Affiliate Name

Changing Your Affiliate Name to the ISM—Affiliate Name

The process:
  1. The affiliate gathers the information listed under the Requirements heading and submits the documentation to ISM Affiliate Support Department.
  2. The ISM Affiliate Support Department reviews all the documentation submitted using the Evaluation of Affiliate Business Plans form to assess and rate each requirement.
  3. Approved name change requests will be submitted to the ISM Board of Directors for approval. Name change requests that do not meet the requirements, the affiliate will be contacted with an explanation.
  4. If the ISM Affiliate Support Department does not approve the submission, the affiliate will be contacted with an explanation.

Note: For continued use of the ISM—Affiliate name, a new three-year business plan is required to be submitted to ISM every three years.


Please submit the following documentation to Linda Thomas in the Affiliate Support Department. These items can be faxed to 480/752-7890 or e-mailed to If you have any questions, please call Linda at 480/752-6276, extension 3041.

  1. ISM will need to verify that your affiliate partners with all ISM membership programs. They are:
    • Student
    • Academic
    • Lifetime
    • Unemployed
    • Active Duty
    • Volume Discount
    • Trial (not required)
  2. Affiliate bylaws that are in compliance with ISM Bylaws. The following link brings you to the February 2007 NewsLine article: Are Your Bylaws in Compliance with ISM Bylaws? The article provides helpful hints in updating your bylaws. You may also download a Model Affiliate Bylaws for your use.
  3. Most recent IRS Form 990 and related forms.
  4. Current Articles of Incorporation (or applicable document as required by law).
  5. IRS Determination Letter of Not-for-Profit Status.
  6. An Educational Event Evaluation form using a scale of 1-5 (minimum rating of 4 must be maintained). An example can be downloaded here.
  7. A signed ISM Affiliated Association Agreement.
  8. Required Business Plan components are listed on the Evaluation of Affiliate Business Plans form. Templates available to assist are:

       Business Plan Outline

       3-Year Education/Activities Plan

       3-Year Financial Plan
  9. A copy of an application form to your state that shows your affiliate will be legally changing your affiliate name to ISM—Affiliate Name.

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