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Handouts / Presentation Materials from prior Meetings
 ISM - Southeast Michigan
Handouts from Prior Meetings

Listed below is an chronological listing of Keynote & Predinner Presentations in which the presenter was kind enough to provide an electronic copy of the presentation for the exclusive use of ISM - Southeast Michigan.

This material has been provided for your Professional Development purposes only.  The material is the private ownership of the Presenters / Authors, and no part of any presentation may be "plagerized" without the written permission from the original Presenter.

To View Handout Links, click here (Please Note:  You must be logged in as a member to view this link.)  

In clicking and utilizing this link the user acknowledges, ISM - Southeast Michigan provides this as a free service to its membership and is not responsible for its content.  The views expressed herein are the sole opinions of the various presenters.   In addition, the information is not to be shared or otherwise distributed without the explicit consent of the individual presenter.

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Congratulations to our newly elected and appointed Board of Directors!

President: David Rodriguez
Vice President: Lori Sisk
Treasurer: Colleen Lang
and Directors:
Kristen Bennett
Pam Smith
Michele Thompson
Joel Weina
Bob White

and thanks to
Melissa Countryman our Immediate Past President

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